DvigradTelekom deals with designing contemporary ICT networks and systems intended for business users who want to upgrade the existing or develop a new network.The integral part of design service is the elaboration of project documentation as well as consulting while elaborating the design tasks.


    Depending on the client's needs and wishes, we do just the professional surveillance of the construction. DvigradTelekom has employed also a licensed Electronical Engineer who can, as a responsible person, perform the design work and professional surveillance of the construction.


    Types of projects that we do (elaborate the project


    screening of the current situation

    elaboration of preliminary design

    elaboration of main projects

    elaboration of detailed design

    elaboration of projects on executed situation (design revision)

    cost estimations



    DvigradTelekom Dvigrad Telekom offers its clients maintenance of infrastructure, equipment and system, no matter whether the equipment was installed by our experts or somebody else.


    Two levels of maintenance:

     – on call (interventional)

     – preventive


    To clients who conclude with us a contract on maintenance, we guarantee quick response to  intervention, 24/7. Our current users know that we responde to intervention very quickly.


    We guarantee by the knowledge and experience of our team that the malfunction will successfully be removed within a short period of time, by applying quality work.



    DvigradTelekom offers its clients technical support within and over a warranty period, after a model 24/7. Technical support implies installation, implementation and maintenance of equipment and system from our programme.


    Service centre DvigradTelekoma analyses and tests all the equipment before the very installation. It is equipped with the most contemporary devices and tools which enable testing, detection and removal of problems within a service centre as well as a remote control access to all the installed systems.