DvigradTelekom d.o.o. is a company focused on ICT systems, networks and solutions based on the IP protocol. DvigradTelekom is a company structured in a modern way and that is why we can react much quickly and be more flexible while searching for the products, services and solutions according to every client's needs, thanks to our accumulated experience and knowledge gained by working with communicational systems.


Having satisfied clients is the main goal of our business. That is the reason why we take into consideration and fulfil all their requests an needs. Our policy is based on the idea to provide our clients high quality and reliable products, wanting them to become our constant

Our strategy is to offer on the market the products, services and solutions based on the best technologies and those which get quickly paid off.Our employees represent our greatest value, power and basis for our success. It is actually them who, thanks to their knowledge, professionalism, creativity and innovativeness, manage to find solutions to even the most demanding challenges, presented by our clients. Since we constantly acquire new ideas and provide a creative and responsible approach, we are able to offer fast and high quality service based on the latest technologies.


Our mission is the development of the top ICT solutions useful to both social and business community which provide our clients great productivity and flexibility.