All the people involved in tourism are familiar with the phrase: '' Besides the sea and the sun, modern tourists want much more during their stay''. Whether tourist companies will run successful business it depends, for sure, on the quality of their service provided to the guests. Actually, it is the quality of service which is strongly connected to ICT technologies implemented in the tourist facilities.


    Nowadays, tourists have been travelling with their laptops, smart phones and other technical gadgets requiring access to information in each and every moment.


    By providing such level of service, sale can be improved because tourists often choose that  type of resort for their holidays, no matter if it's a hotel, a camping or a tourist resort.

    DvigradTelekom has been following and analysing the needs of hoteliers and their guests and as a result of the long-lasting collaboration, we have become specialised in ICT solutions and their implementation in hotels, campings and tourist resorts. Thanks to the collaboration with the hoteliers we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in realising the needs of users of our services. We are always ready for a very quick, high quality and professional intervention all over Croatia and outside the borders, thanks to our partners whom we have carefully chosen. The leading tourist companies have chosen DvigradTelekom to be their partner – if you are building a hotel, reconstructing an existing one or just want to increase the quality of your service in your accommodation facilities, please contact us with trust, because we have a solution for you.


    Construction of internal and external infrastructure

    It includes the construction of structured cabling and connecting of dislocated objects into a single network.


    Implementation of hotel telephone systems

    We install legacy and IP PBX which possess hotel functions, such as: check-in, check-out, wake-up call, room status…We offer complete solutions for phone call charging and PMS systems integration such as MICROS Fidelio and other.

    WiFi solutions

    We offer innovative WiFi solutions for hotels, campings and tourist resorts which offer mobility to the tourists while accessing the Internet, no matter which part of the facility they are located at and it facilitates the management, as well.


    We install equipment which is exclusively run by modern and innovative technology. Our WiFi systems can be used at the same time, for the following:

    Internet access for guests

    Internet access for business users (hotel staff)

    data transfer for business users


    video surveillance

    locating clients

    business monitoring


    Benefits of our solutions

    WiFi system adjusted to the hotel industry with a possible charging for the Internet usage or free Internet access and integration with PMS

    Possibility to connect at the same time a great number of users to WiFi network, which is extremely important when a great number of users are

         located on the same spot (congresses, concerts…)

    Fast return of the investment via additional services which are offered by our WiFi solutions

    Safe and reliable system of charging for the Internet access by using credit cards

    System functioning independently and not requiring any control by the staff

    System is flexible and adjustable to every user with a personalised Login page

    User's authorisation: username and password, SMS, social networks

    Integration with the PMS due to authorisation which enables guests to connect to WiFi system by entering their surname and the number of their room.

    Implementation of WiFi solutions in the facilities with the telephone connection, without investing in new cabling


    High quality and professional equipment maintenance as well as quick response to intervention 24/7 are some of our greatest features. This is why hotel companies choose us to collaborate with us. If you are searching for a reliable, professional and quality partner, contact DvigradTelekom with full trust, we will not disappoint you.



    Through years of work with installations and phone systems maintenance, we have gained a lot of experience with the analogue, digital and, nowadays, IP systems. We give our experience, knowledge and skills at your disposal.


    What do we do?

    install and maintain all analogue, digital and IP phone systems

         of the leading producers: Selta, Ericsson, Siemens,

         Panasonic, Aastra, Epygi, Grandstream, Yealink and Asterisk

    integrate classical analogue and digital phone systems with

         those IP, without having to buy a complete new telephone system

    we are always searching for optimal solutions for our clients

         when having to decide whether they are going to keep the

         legacy or invest in a new, based on the IP protocol (VolP)

    solution for charging phone calls

    16 kHZ solution on the home phone PBX which is connected to

          the Operator's IP platform

    connecting remote locations into a single network


    Telephone infrastructure

    Telephone infrastructure design and maintenance

    Detection and removal of defects on all telephone cabling

    Telephone line bandwidth measurement

    Hinge construction on telephone cabling

    At DvigradTelekomu you can rent a PBX as well as its additional equipment.


    We construct and maintain simple and complex computer networks and design optimal solutions for your business, no matter whether you use the network only for data transfer or even for unified communications (data transfer, VolP and video).


    DvigradTelekom's network solutions are adjusted to our clients' needs and correspond to their requests and market needs. They are specifically designed providing a better, more flexible and more secure communication. DvigradTelekom's network solutions will provide even a fast return of investments.


    Thanks to our experience, knowledge and expertise in network construction, design and maintenance, we have a unique position on the market and we are able to offer optimal solutions adjusted to your needs and find a solution to all the challenges.


    DvigradTelekom provides complete solutions for network infrastructure (LAN, MAN and WAN).


    DvigradTelekom nudi cjelokupna rješenja pasivne mrežne infrastrukture, i potpuno je opremljen za instalaciju i održavanje strukturnog kabliranja.


    Izvodimo sve vrste kabliranja za: računalne (LAN, MAN, WAN), bežične mreže (WLAN), telefonske (VoIP), mreže za video nadzor, mreže za kontrolu pristupa te druge višenamjenske mreže



    Copper Cabling Installation Cat.5e, Cat6 and Cat7

    Fibre Optic-Cabling Installation (MM and SM)

    Air Assisted Fiber Optic Cable Installation

         (into Telecommunicational Distribution Channels)

    Fusion Splice

    Stacking of Communication Cabinets

    Connecting of Sockets and Patch Panels



    we do measurements and attest copper (Cat.5e, Cat6 and Cat7) and

         fiber optical (MM and SM) cables by using instruments from the

         leading manufacturers


    we maintain all copper (Cat.5e, Cat6 and Cat7) and fiber optical

         (MM and SM) networks

    quickly and safely we detect defects and remove them