WiFi changes everything….Why?

Statistics have shown that four billion users will have been on-line by 2020 via mobile phones, 70% of users will have had Internet access via mobile phones by 2018 and 65% of mobile phone users use their telephone either at home or outside.


We install systems and equipment which are run by exclusively modern and innovative technology intended for: small and medium size companies, big companies, public events, education, cities (HotSpot), retailing, transport, healthcare…

Our WiFi systems can be used at the same time for the following operations:

Internet access for guests

Internet access for business users

data transfer


video surveillance

locating clients

business monitoring


Benefits of our solutions

WiFi system adjusted to the hotel industry with a possible charging for Internet usage or free Internet access and integration with the PMS system

Possibility to connect at the same time a great number of users to the WiFi network, which is extremely important when a great number of users are

     located on the same spot (congresses, concerts…)

Fast return of the investment via additional services which are offered by our WiFi solutions

Safe and reliable system of charging for the Internet access by using credit cards

System functioning independently and not requiring any control by the staff

System is flexible and adjustable to every user with a personalised Login page

User's authorisation: username and password, SMS, social networks

Implementation of WiFi solutions in the facilities with telephone connection, without investing in new cabling


DvigradTelekom can offer equipment and service according to the highest standards of both producers and profession. We offer Point-to-Point and Poit-to-Multipoint solutions. We are the leading authorised Ruckus Wireless System Integrator in Croatia.


Ruckus Wireless is an American company which is an absolute leader in WiFi industry with its patented and innovative technologies. It has been involved in design, production and selling of Smart WiFi solutions since 2004.


We offer WiFi systems construction after a model ''turn key''. The construction includes Site survey (approximate WiFi signal measurement and locating of anthenna before creating an offer and elaborating the solution), cabling and anthenna installation, final configuration and putting into operation. While maintaining WiFi systems, we offer quick and efficient malfunction removal, thanks to the innovative tools and instruments which we possess.